Weight Loss Advice From Coach Nathan Hewitt On ITV Newsweek Wales

Hello guys,

Last weekend I was invited to the ITV Studios in Cardiff,  where I joined Carl Edwards on Newsweek Wales to discuss the state of the nations health. – you can watch it here 

I mentioned my background and some of the things I needed to address in my life to lose weight. Something I mentioned was having the correct attitude.

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Nathan Hewitt at 300 pounds, to weighing 150 pounds. Using heavy weights as a way of the getting best fat loss results possible.

How I Lost 150 Pounds And Overcame Loose Skin (with pictures)

Every month, thousands of people will search Google looking for information about loose skin after weight loss. Yet despite the high number of webpages giving advice, people seem only to want more.

The reason they want more is because there is so much contradicting advice out there that people don’t know what to believe.

You will find articles from women who have been pregnant, individuals who used to be obese, nutritionists, and even older folks all  sharing their experiences and advice on loose skin.

But what is the truth when it comes down to it? Is loose skin just a harsh reality we need to accept? Is there a way to get rid of it without going under the knife? Do certain foods help the problem? Is there a way to make it look better?

I believe there is answer for all these questions, and this article today I will share with you everything you need to know about loose skin after weight loss, which I hope will put your mind at ease when your done reading.

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5 Important Facts About Obesity In Children

Personal responsibility occupies the biggest seat at the table of blame. The common assumption in obesity hinges on it  being a personal choice: we control what we eat and how much we exercise. If your obese, it must be because you don’t exercise and eat too much…

But what about obesity in children?

Is obesity in children a result of behaviour? Can a child take responsibility for their actions? Is child obesity the parents fault?

Personal responsibility implies a choice: that there is a conscious decision to a behaviour (e.g., a child doesn’t run across the road because it’s learnt about the very dangers). But can this make sense in regards to children with obesity?

In today’s article I want to provide the public with 5 Important Facts About Obesity In Children  , in which I have listed below:

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Can You Still Eat Junk Food And Lose Weight?

There is a common belief people hold about losing weight that makes me very uncomfortable.

The reason is makes me uncomfortable, is because it makes losing weight difficult for a lot of people. Even worse, it’s not their fault they think this way.

What is this belief I’m talking about?

In order to lose weight, all junk foods must be eliminated and replaced with health foods. 

Let me explain why this is not true…

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Get Inspired To Lose Weight In The Next 5 Minutes

I’m going to inspire you to lose weight… in the next 5 minutes

I’m going to do this by sharing a perfect example of how people go from virtually complaining about their weight, and making all kinds of mistakes, to finally changing it all around and becoming successful.

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