Gotu Kola: Is This Natures Loose Skin After Weight Loss Remedy?

Gotu Kola: Is This Natures Loose Skin After Weight Loss Remedy?

This week I caught up on Tim Ferriss’s podcast show and listened to his interview with Charles Poliquin.

During this episode, Poliquin mentioned a supplement called Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) and how it can restore the appearance of loose skin.

Poliquin says that ingesting this plant in the form of a capsule three times daily (at two tablets a time) should give you visible results within 6-months.

Now, I’m a bit skeptical about this and keen to know more about Gotu Kola and how it may benefit loose skin conditions.

In previous articles, I’ve written about my weight loss experiences and how I overcame the appearance of loose skin by applying the following principles:

  1. Build lean body mass
  2. Introduce more natural foods in your diet
  3. Reach a lower body fat percentage
  4. Use various supplements
  5. Patience

I’ve also emphasised that loose skin is often mistaken for stubborn body fat and that in most cases, people need to think about dropping excess weight rather than going under the knife.

But if Gotu Kola truly is an aid for loose skin and not just another miracle product scam waiting to be capitalised on, I will certainly be adding updates to The Loose Skin Solution ebook.

Poliquin say’s Gotu Kola will get rid of unnecessary scar tissue, but you will see zero progress for six months.

He also mentions that overnight there seems to be a saturation point where the body get’s the message to cell signalling (listen to the full podcast here)

Poliquin used this the Gotu Kola approach with one of his clients who had loose skin after losing over 200 pounds. Within a year of taking Gotu Kola, his client was said to have been very satisfied.

I can’t imagine Poliquin talking bullshit since he is a respectable figure in the field of strength training, nutrition, and all things related.

But if people weren’t attracted to bullshit we wouldn’t have half the many health figures we have today making money. But we do. So again. I’m a bit skeptical.

I guess the only way to find if Gotu Kola works is to try it for myself. But since I’ve achieved satisfying results with my body after being a 310-pound fat boy I’m probably not the ideal candidate to be testing the supplement.

Despite this, however, I will continue my research and hopefully find people with results after using this method.

Using Gotu Kola For Loose Skin

I’m going to follow what Poliquin recommends by ingesting 6 capsules a day for the next 24-weeks.

While I’m not body perfect, I do expect to see some changes in appearance (assuming it works). But should this be another supplement scam, my methods featured in The Loose Skin Solution will stay forever strong and realistic.

If anyone cares to join me on the quest to supplement Gotu Kola, leave a comment below. I will consider using your experience for a future article.

Also, if you’d like to know where I am purchasing Gotu Kola, I am currently using a brand via Amazon.

Be sure to stay updated with my up and coming posts about loose skin, weight loss and nutrition by signing up below.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you,

Nathan Hewitt

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  1. Hi, Nathan, thanks for the article and being a guinea pig. I’ve used gotu kola for mental performance but never for an extended time. I’ve seen some info that also quotes (paraphrasing) Poliquin as saying that you can see some results after a month or two but on the podcast it sounded more like a big change that comes along much later. Curious if you’re seeing any results yet. Thanks again!

    • Hi Mark, thanks for sharing.

      Yeah, it does seem to be more of a mental performance supplement. I’m still a bit skeptical about it.
      I’ve been taking it for just over two weeks and have a three readers with loose skin on board.

      Come January I’ll do a progress article. And if there is little improvement, at least people will have the truth.

      Also Mark, how was your experience with Gotu Kola and mental performance?

      Thanks for reading mate.


      • Hello Nathan

        I am checking in to see how the Gotu Kola test is coming. Have you noticed a visable difference yet? I too heard the podcast and having recently lost over 180lbs, I have loose skin. I may just go ahead and try it. What do you consider the best way to “saturate” your system with Gotu Kila?

        Thanks Wayne Humbyrd

        • Hi Wayne,

          I’m doing an update this month on my experiences with Gotu Kola while including others.
          It’s been good news so far. The potential is definitely there.


  2. Hi Nathan, thank you very much for this article. I agree with you on this and I would love to trial it with you. I used to weigh 315lbs and now I weigh 180! I did actually have a tummy tuck but I would love to sort the skin elsewhere!

    When were you thinking about starting this?



    • Hi there Lauren, thanks for reading.

      I began supplementing with Gotu Kola in early September.
      I’ll be doing a review article in the new year and detailing some of my experiences along with others.

      If you decide to trial Gotu Kola, please get back to me on your experiences.

      Apparently it takes up 24-weeks to see a difference.


  3. I started a trial a month ago, Nv 15th. I am using the same formula as you and taking 2 pills three times a day. Also I ordered the cream and rub it on my problem areas. I haven’t been as consistent with the cram because the tube is so small that I had to order more. I weighed 136 and lost 15 pounds 36% body fat to 17%. I have had 2 kids.. I had a funky area in my abdomen that i laser lipoed out but was left with some loose cellulite looking skin. Same with my arms…. laser lip and results great but still a bit more loose cellulite skin than I cared for. So looking for changes in the amount of loose skin as well as the texture because Gotu Kola is supposed to help cellulite. I have already seen difference and am pretty excited. I will keep you posted.

  4. Hi Nathan, thanks for writing this article.
    Do you think this can work for other kinds of loose skin?
    A relative of mine has excessive loose skin on her eyelids due to an allergic inflammation she once had around her eyes.
    Do you think Gotu Kola can remove eyelid loose skin too?

    • Hi Jordi,

      Thanks for reading. I believe it has potential.
      I’ll be doing an update at the end of January adding some more information and trial experiences. But let’s just say, it’s good news so far.


  5. I doubt you have enough saggy skin to see much of a difference. Having lost over 100lbs after age 50, my skin looked like my 90 y/o grandmother. It wasn’t residual fat, I was below my target BMI. During an injury I gained about 50 of it back and am on the down swing with about 15lbs left. I have been using gotu kola throughout the current weight lost, I can attest that there is a difference this time than last. The skin is not as crepey or hanging. I may still end up with a body lift, but the difference, while shy of dramatic, is definitely there.

    • Hi there Lynn,

      Thanks for sharing some of your experiences with Gotu Kola. I’d love to know more about your experiences as women over the age of 50. I’m glad to know there has been some improvement.

      I’ll be doing an update on this subject later this month.

      Thank you,


  6. Hey Nathan,
    Its January..Waiting For Ur Experience With Gotu Kola.

  7. Hey there! I’m about to start the gotu kola experiment myself. I’ve lost 125lbs and definitely have loose skin I’d like to tighten up! I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Hi Jessica,

      Thank you for reading.

      I’ll be doing an update later this month. So far, it’s been good news.
      I will provide more info in my post along with the experiences of others who have also trialed Gotu kola.


  8. Which brand did you buy of gotu kola? I’m giving it a try. I don’t have much loose skin, but I’m curious. I can’t imagine poliquin selling bs. But one reason why I’m giving it a try is that he’s not making any money one it.

    • Hey Ryan,

      I’ve been using a product by a company called ‘Natures Way’. The link is in the post if you want to check it out.

      I felt the same way. My curiosity led me to trial it these past few months. I’ll be doing an update at the end of January on Gotu Kola. But let’s just say, it’s good news.


  9. Hello, I’m thinking about trying but I noticed that it comes in different dosages. I see the brand you took was 475mg 2 pills 3 times daily is that what the trial prescribes for everyone? I can’t wait to read about your results! I train in CrossFit and I have had some huge changes in my body, I would just love to tighten up some skin in the abdominal area. After three kids and being overweight I need the help and surgery is not an option for me.

  10. Feb 9….?

  11. Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for the initiative.

    I have decided to use Gotu Kola, bought a bottle by Organic India.

    Any update on your progress?


  12. Hi. It’s now February. Where’s the update?

  13. I’ve been on a diet for a few months and am having great success but of course, I’m still a bit “pudgey” with a bit of firming needed here and there. Especially there lol. I’ve ordered my gotu kola and will stick to it religiously for the 6 months and get back to let you know. I’m thinking “before & after” pics but eugh. Not brave Enough!!

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