How To Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

How To Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Loose skin is a serious issue that affects around 80% of people who have lost a lot of weight.

Whether the after effects are major or minor, loose skin can have a devastating impact on our confidence and self-esteem, preventing us from having a normal lifestyle.

Worse, some of the reasons behind our motivation to lose weight came down to the desire to feel more confident and comfortable in our skin.

You may have spent years of hard work to lose weight and transform yourself only to feel disappointed when you reach your goal.

I know this feeling of disappointment all too well. I lived with a loose skin problem for years after my 150-pound weight loss.

I gave all I had during my attempts to lose weight. Like you, I had achieved something many fail to do. But by the time I reached my goal back in 2006, I felt no different than when I started.

Thankfully, it’s no longer 2006. There have been some massive changes in the last decade. And I can tell you; loose skin is no longer an issue.

I’ve been able to make changes in my body that Doctors, personal trainers, and my family thought impossible. My results today aren’t perfect, but they sure as hell go against what most experts couldn’t imagine.

In this article,  I will show you how to tigheten loose skin after weight loss with a natural approach.

I’ll cover examples from my life and how I managed to transform myself. I’ll also give you some advice about surgery if you are thinking about it, and how it may not be needed.

Loose Skin On The Stomach

The stomach is usually the first noticeable area of loose skin. If you’ve lost weight and purchased new clothing, you probably become more aware of the possibility of loose skin there and then.

For me, it was one of those moments when I realised that something was wrong. My upper body was thin, but there was a fold in the lower abdomen making me out of proportion.

If you are anything like me, I’d lost weight hoping that I could finally wear better-fitted cloths and experience what it’s like to take my shirt off after hiding away for so long.

I know how depressing it feels to look in the mirror and not have the results you wanted.

I struggled for years with this issue. I’d lost a lot of weight, but I still had to wear larger size clothing than what I should have needed.

The loose skin looked awful in tight clothing. My upper appearance was slim. Unfortunately, my stomach looked floppy and loose. When the light hit my clothing, you could sometimes see the skin through the t-shirt. So jackets became my new trend (not I wanted it to be).

Loose Skin Or Fat?

The most important thing for us to find out is, whether we are dealing with fat or genuine loose skin. Most of the time, we can mistake our loose skin problem for a stubborn fat problem.

You probably never thought about this. You may have already decided it is loose skin and that’s it. But you could be wrong.

Most of us have lost a great deal of weight and we judge our success by the scales. And what we see in front of the mirror is not always the defining factor.

More often than not, we strip a lot of muscle mass during the weight loss process. And this muscle loss ties in with the number on the scales.

Even though you weigh less than before, you may  have a lot of body fat left over. The scales cannot determine fat percentage, lean body mass, nor water. All these things determine a person’s weight.

If your going to track your size by numbers, get a measuring tape. This will tell you the truth.

The scales lies, but measurements don’t

There are areas in the body where fat likes to naturally stay. For example, even naturally slim people have body fat in areas.  If they wanted to get rid of it. This  would still require a lot of effort  on their part.

The fact is: body fat cells likes to be filled. And some fat is needed. You have to consider also, that we are all born with a predetermined amount of fat cells.

Some have more fat cells than others. The more you have genetically, the more your body will want to fill them. (This does not mean we are destined to be fat. It may just mean we have a tougher time staying slim than most, and will have to keep our diets in check.)

In our case: we may have loose skin mixed with stubborn body fat. So where we notice the hanging skin. Unless it feels paper thin, you can be almost certain you have some extra body fat to get rid of.

Unfortunately the appearance can look rather daunting to the eye, because  body fat cells are trapped under that skin. Which is why previous individuals weighing over 600 pounds, who lose half of their weight tend to have a shocking after effect.


In this picture to our ‘left’. You will see the appearance of loose skin. However, there is still a lot of body fat stored in these loose folds. 

This body would have entirely different appearance if more fat is lost, and the body has been worked on physically with the use of weights. 

The fact remains however: it’s not just a loose skin problem. It’s still a fat problem.

Think about this. Who is going to look better: The person who loses 200 pounds by lifting heavy weights with a high protein diet, all within a sensible time scale. Or the person who does a lot of cardio, eats less calories without considering the right nutrition?

Both individuals may lose the same amount of weight. But they will look entirely different. There are certain things we have to consider when we lose weight. And if we have been working with the wrong plan, then today our job is to build ourselves back up. This means correct nutrition and exercise guidelines.


How to get rid of the excess stuborn fat

If you have seen my last article on loose skin, you will notice the changes I have made in my appearance, which seem almost unbelievable – thats the power of weight lifting, diet and patience. What I thought was loose skin, however, just so happened to be extra body fat. The Doctors never told me this. They wanted me under the knife as quickly as possible.

So be mindful about Doctors and Surgeons. They tell you straight up, ”It’s loose skin. You need surgery.” But this is not always the case. Remember, for every operation, there comes a nice paycheque for the professional doing it- you can’t always put trust in these people. Even when it makes sense too. We must consider all the facts and possible solutions first, before making the decisions to go under the knife. – trust me on this one.

The real goal for us now then, is to get down to low body fat percentages, so we can find truly identify what we are dealing with; loose skin or fat. If we can hit these low levels by putting the effort in, you could finally live your dreams of the size you pictured of being, prior to the weight loss.

How we do this will require some effort on our part. But if you got this far in your weight loss goals already, then it shouldn’t be much of an issue. After all, I made significant changes in my body after being dealt with the loose skin card. I can tell you, ”it’s worth the effort now having the body I get to live with today”.

how to tighten loose skin after weight loss - nathan hewitt

Loose skin after weight loss transformation – Nathan Hewitt


The 5 Steps For Improving 

  1. First of all. We must find out if it’s loose skin or body fat. If it feels paper thin – the kind of skin you would see on an elderly person – then it is loose skin. If it feels thick and it has some weight to it, then it’s almost certain to be fat under the skin.
  2. Our goal is get rid of these fat deposits. And it requires us to work for it. The only way the body can access those fat cells, is if you give it a reason too. The body must tap into those energy reserves. This will require the correct exercise and nutrition.
  3. You will have to lift weights. Whether you are male or female, makes no difference. You will have to build your body for two reasons. First, to improve your overall structure from the previous weight loss. And secondly, to access fat reserves more effectively. Compound movements will be our exercise focus.
  4. Diet is going to be crucial during this process. You will require a diet that is high in protein, low in fat, and with a moderate intake of carbohydrates – especially on training days. There are reasons for this. Firstly, protein will aid your heavy lifting goals to help you build a better structure. Secondly, low fat is recommended as calories can be eaten to excess if your not careful. Thirdly, we carbs will provide sustainable energy for your workouts and keep the metabolism working efficiently.
  5. We will also need to add a little cardio into our workouts. I recommend high intensity interval training (HIIIT), as I found it to be very effective. HIIT is also good, because you don’t work out for long periods. Instead, you will workout for shorter periods at a maximum effort. Example exercises: jump rope, sprinting, rowing, gym bag etc. Or, you could choose longer duration exercise and at a low intensity. Examples: walking and jogging. It’s your choice, but some cardio is recommended.

If you follow these guidelines, then you will lose body fat and will  see your body for what it should naturally look like. You may have loose skin – we aren’t neglecting this – except the appearance of it will not be as bad. Having worked on your body from the diet and exercise. It will have improved your overall physique.

You will notice in my pictures a little loose skin – paper thin appearance. You barely notice it, because my new physique distracts it. I don’t claim to have the best physique. I’ve still gotta live with the scars, and a slight lowering in my chest area which has changed much. But it’s a significant improvement that can bring hope to many of you out there. 

Putting The Steps together for maximum results.

Of course, I have only laid out the steps. We need to know how to put it all together to get the results. We want to know about:

  • What foods to eat
  • What exercises to do
  • How long will it take
  • How much food do I need
  • How long should I spend in the gym
  • Will this even work for me?

And of course, many of us may be turned off by the guide lines. But the key question is not to ask ‘What will I get out of this process’ but instead ‘who will I become during this process?’.

And that’s key. Because if you choose to follow  these guidelines and follow through. The habits you will build from the process will stay with you for life.

”The only way I could transform my body for the long term and improve my overall physique, was due to the fact that I changed my whole lifestyle. This is what I want for you too. A change of lifestyle, with new habits of nutrition and exercise, will reward your body abundantly.”  

So let’s find talk about food: 

The key is to eat a high protein diet. Normally the average person will need anything from 70g-100g of protein daily. In this case, we want to build our bodies up, so we will require more protein. The best way to work all your daily food requirements is by the use of a calculator.

A site that I used for  working out my daily food requirements is at a website called: If It Fits Your Macros. (iifym)

Here is the website link: IIFYM (If it fits your macros)

If you go to this site. Use the calculate to work out your macronutrients. 

Now, let’s talk about exercise:

Lifting heavy is for both men and women. Any concern for women thinking they will look like a body builder is complete nonsense. Women do not naturally produce the amount of testosterone to that of men. And even if they did. They would still need to put in a lot of hard work, for a lot of years to come even close to the look of a body builder.

We will want to focus on compound movements. The 4 key exercises are followed – click the links for information on each exercise 

  1. Squats
  2. Pull Ups
  3. Chest Press
  4. Dead Lifts

If you put most effort into these exercises, then anything else you include is entirely up to you. We will want a rep max of 8 and will do 3 sets of each exercise. If you continue to lift heavy each week, and notice improvements in strength. Then you are on the right track.

Not a large amount of cardio is necessary, but it would be wise to include one session weekly into your workouts. I would normally workout with heavy weights 3x weekly and then have 1 day of just cardio. – sometimes even a long walk once a week is good for me.

How long will you do this:

Well, there is no time limit. If you are committed to making the changes and getting the results, this stuff will become a lifestyle for you. In fact, you will progress far beyond the information I have shared with you. Because the experience will become yours to own. And you will find out what ultimately works for you.

Of course, this whole process is about time, but if you treat this process as a lifestyle instead of something you only temporarily involved in. Then time is not an issue here.

Trusting the process 

You can make changes in your appearance and help the loose skin issue. Thats a fact. Regardless what other articles and bloggers have told you. I know this, because I have made the changes in my own life. I put in the work and I made it happen. You can do this too.

However, don’t ask the task to be easy. Only ask the task to be worth it. Because it is worth it. And if you stick to it. You will see the results – no doubt.

The Loose Skin (After Weight Loss) Guide (ebook download)  

Loose-Skin-after-Weight-Loss-Solution-By-Nathan-Hewitt-ebook Having shared with you as much as I possibly can on: how to tighten loose skin After Weight Loss. You may want to consider going in depth, and finding out for yourself what results are possible.

You have the opportunity to receive this kind of in-depth support, by purchasing the: The Loose Skin Solution (ebook). You learn:

  • The Myths about loose skin
  •  How to transform your loose skin appearance in a sensible way
  • How to use the right foods and nutrition to aid your skins cells.
  • How to exercise and improve the appearance of your body
  • How to rid of excess fat deposits that lower self esteem
  • My personal story and guide on how I developed a 6-pack abs physique, even with a loose skin issue.

Sign Up Below And Receive My Free Coaching Letter, And Get Updated On All The Best Weight Loss Information  

From here on, I wish you best of luck. I hope you enjoyed this post and it’s giving you hope.

The fact is, improvements can be made when you know how.

Share your opinions on this post, or ask a personal question directly to me: contact me here or just write a comment below.

Thank you for reading

Nathan Hewitt – 2014  -2016 (updated)


  1. Amazing post!

    • Thanks for taking the time to read. I’m glad you thought it was ‘amazing’.

      – Nathan

      • Thank you for this. I can’t express how much this issue upsets me. I lost over 100 pounds, going back a year ago and I still can’t shift this problem. But reading this has made me feel so much better. So thank you.


      • Nice work on the BBC, Nathan. You make this country proud.

      • i cant download the ebook for some reason

  2. I also went through the same things as you. Despite losing “only” 20 pounds, I try to keep fit with exercise. It was horrible being obese. I’m from Brazil, where I was embarrassed to go to the beach without a shirt. Until today I have but to look at the past, I see how I overcame. It’s hard. But it is ideal. The active life to sports brought me benefits. I was pre diabetic. Just imagine me in a hospital bed and did not want that for me. This is only a summary. I just need more help: encouragement. My parents do not care about that. I took depart alone. No food supplements, natural food only. Therefore, it becomes even more difficult. It’s hard to always keep your head up. And I hope the people around me, help!

    • Hi there Mauro,

      What an interesting story you have. You have overcome a lot in your life. I respect you very much.
      How is your lifestyle today? Are you happy with your weight, or still in the process of achieving your goals? I’m interested to know more.

      – Nathan

      • Good point. It could still be a fat problem. I think putting in the extra work will make a difference. I’ve seen my body make similar changes over the years. Good job.

      • I’ve gone through the same experiences with my body, except my just hasn’t resolved itself. Have you had any other surgery to fix the lowering in the chest? What you’ve done is amazing by the way. Well done.


      • Nathan, I saw you on the BBC today and thought you were amazing. Can’t believe how well your doing, and helping to fight obesity in the uk. We need someone like you. Great work.

    • Found this on Reddit. Thought it was going to be the same all, but it’s not. This pretty fucking good, and has inspired me. So yeah, thanks for this. When is your loose skin book out, because I think I might need to read it?


  3. Guy I’m proud of you, congratulation. You are the MAN. I’m fat, I don’t like it, sometimes I feel so down, i think about to cry, I think that anyone like me, wants me. I’m in the gym, but nowadays I didn’t lost much weight. But I’m trying, I hope that in the next Carnival here in Brazil, I’ll be stronger, have muscles.
    How long time did you lose all of this weight?

    • Hey Nathan, just want to say how amazing your transformation is. Of I could achieve just half of what you’ve done, I’d be a proud man.

      All the best mate

    • This was great info. Thanks.

  4. I’m sorry if this is a bit late, but I’m hoping you can clarify something for me. I just have way too much loose skin and am going to need surgery, now I’m not expecting it all to be fixed… but I was told that after surgery you can’t get a six pack, or tone up the affected areas, is that true? Or were they just referring to the actual surgery and how that won’t give you a six pack, but additional work will get you to there?

    • Hi there Scott,

      Because I haven’t seen what your abdomin currently looks like, I can’t give you a straight up answer.


      I yet to find someone who is incapable of making incredible improvements with there body after surgery.

      What prevents the abs from
      Showing is body fat. If you had loose skin and your body fat was at 10%, you would see those six-pack abs for certain, regardless of having loose or not.

      Because I don’t know if you train with weights, I can’t tell
      you if surgery will reveal your abs. But, if you do lift weights, and continue to do so after surgery, whilst taking care of your nutrition. You can absolutely hit those low fat digits, and reveal parts of your body you thought were never possible.

      – Nathan

      • Since losing 80 pounds, I too, have had to deal with loose skin. So I know how it feels. I was glad to see a site that gives hope, and explains it more in detail. I didn’t even consider it could be stubborn fat.

        Why is it that some people get loose skin and others don’t?

      • Exactly, I think diet is just as important as exercise when it comes to loose skin. You can’t hit those low body fat percentages without using the both. I’ve never really thought it could be stubborn fat till now. I was always told I couldn’t shift it. So this does give me hope. Thanks for this.

    • I’ve been looking for info about loose skin for a long time, and this is the best. Glad I found you. Your transformation is inspiring. And let’s just put it out there, your hot!

    • Excellent post, Nathan. What a journey you have been on. I’m looking for to your latest book on Motivation. It’s just what I need to help shift these pounds.

  5. Hi there Scott,

    Because I haven’t seen what your abdomin currently looks like, I can’t give you a straight up answer.


    I yet to find someone who is incapable of making incredible improvements with there body after surgery.

    What prevents the abs from
    Showing is body fat. If you had loose skin and your body fat was at 10%, you would see those six-pack abs for certain, regardless of having loose or not.

    Because I don’t know if you train with weights, I can’t tell
    you if surgery will reveal your abs. But, if you do lift weights, and continue to do so after surgery, whilst taking care of your nutrition. You can absolutely hit those low fat digits, and reveal parts of your body you thought were never possible.

    – Nathan

    • Yeah, I can see where you are coming from. But let’s be honest bro, some people are screwed.

  6. When will this book be available?

    • Hi there Jeanne,

      This particular title will be available as of May,2014.

      If you would like to be notified on it’s release date – simply sign up Free to our monthly news letter Here.

      Thanks for taking an interest at my work here at Try This For Size.

      Take care,

      – Nathan Hewitt

      • Nathan, do you think diet helps the loose skin? Because I have read that fatty foods can help the elasticity in the skin. Is this true?

        By the way, great work. Your an inspiration.

  7. I’m not sure if you’ll touch on this in the book, but how did you avoid the loose skin around the chest area? Well… I’m not entirely sure you avoided it completely but from the picture above it certainly looks a lot better than other pictures I’ve seen from other people who have lost around the same amount of weight.

    And congratulations on your amazing transformation, you look like a completely different person. A real inspiration.

    • Hi Chase,

      Thanks very much for the kind words.

      I must say, there is a slight loose appearance of the chest area, which unfortunately couldn’t be avoided. However, there certainly was improvements over the years through the use of heavy lifting, and getting down to lower body fat percentages. I have also been a consumer of skin creams, however, I couldn’t tell if they work 100%, but I never avoided them, so perhaps they had some contribution.

      Thanks for your comment and for checking out my site.


      • You look amazing, Nathan! I’ve never seen this kind of transformation online before. When is this book of yours out? I have to read it. your an inspiration.

      • I had surgery about 3 years ago. It did make a dramatic difference, but it certainly helped. I still continue to exercise like you. But I think it’ll be a few years before I see major improvements.

  8. How heavy should you be lifting? I understand that you have to start from the bottom, work your way up… but I mean, I would love to achieve the same results you did, you’re looking great. How much are you lifting for the Benchpress, Squat and Deadlift?

    • Hi Eddie, thanks for the comment and kind words.

      For me, when it came to lifting weights, it was all about picking up what I felt I could manage, and then slowly increasing the weight as I went along.

      I’ve never been someone who took pride in lifting the heaviest weight possible. My goal was to lift and burn that excess fat, whilst maintaining as much muscle as I possibly could. And i’ve just continued to do so.

      If your in the gym, and focusing on those compound movements as you mentioned, whilst keeping nutrition in check. Im positive you will do just fine, and get results.

      I know I did 😉

      Hope that helps, Ed.


      • Nathan, have you had any other operations because you look so different? Is it even you? lol *jokes*
        Great job mate.

  9. This is a great post and you’re looking fantastic, keep it up.

    A little random, but how tall are you?

  10. Hey nathan.

    I have lost over 100 pounds and i’ve went throught tummy tuck and chest reduction operations, but i still have saggy skin around my back and tummy. I’ve done everything to lose this stubborn fat but i’ve always gave up on myself.. I am 5ft8 and 80kg right now. After reading your article, i feel very motivated.

  11. Hi Nathan,
    I’m truly inspired seeing your progress!
    I myself have undergone a similar transformation from begin fat – to now skinny and flabby losing a total of 95 pounds.
    My trouble areas are lower chest and of course stomach.
    Although I am completely for incorporating my exercise routine as ‘lifestyle’ I doubt whether I’ll be having time more than a year to concentrate a 100% on tightening up loose skin.

    What was your progress in a year?
    ps: I’m currently at a much lesser frame than yours in the 1st pic. ( body fat = 13%)

  12. You’ve done a great job mate. Well done.

  13. Hey Nathan, we share a similar background. It’s really nice to know that you have gone through this experience like me. When I search for help on this topic, most site’s don’t have a clue what it’s like to have a loose skin problem. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks, and I’m looking forward to your book. When is it released?

  14. It’s about time soemnoe wrote about this.

  15. Nathan, what is your training like now? Do you still stick the same exercises as you mentioned?

  16. This is probably the best post I’ve come across on loose skin. Thank you.

  17. Hi there Nathan, I had loose skin surgery about 3 years ago. I’m still not happy about the results, but I still think I have some more work to do. Im looking forward to carrying out your advice and see how much progress I make.

  18. Thank you so much for this Nathan.

    Yesterday I went in for a tummy tuck consultation after losing close to 190lbs through diet and exercise. You’re absolutely right about the paper skin part of loose skin and I’m unfortunately not there yet.

    My workouts are heavy lifting and a lot of HIIT so I’m definitely going to keep this going and keep wearing down the skin until it’s paper thin.

    I greatly appreciate you sharing so many details about your weight loss and lose skin journey! I’m going to keep it up 😀

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks very much for your kinds words, it means a lot.
      I’m glad my post has provided you with some value whilst on your journey.

      You’ve done amazing from what you’ve told me.
      Please keep sharing your thoughts and experiences.

      Take care my friend, and stay inspired.


      P.S Enjoy your journey. Soak up all the experiences your having.
      Both the good and the bad. It’s all yours to own and share with the world.

      • Hey Nathan,

        Thank you so much for your kind words and for replying.

        It’s so crazy, when I was at the doctor I remember stumbling across your progress from a David Beckham search I had done months ago and remember you talking about loose skin so had to find you again to re-read what you had written about your experience.

        If you would like to see what I’ve done so far, please check out my instagram page @raisingautism – I basically just share my weight loss journey and also the ins and outs of raising my son who’s on the autism spectrum.

        Again, thank you! Your words are incredibly encouraging and I commend you for wanting to help others get healthy.

  19. It’s hard to find experienced people for this subject, however, you seem
    like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  20. Thanks for this Nathan. I’ve read a few articles on loose skin.
    But most of it is just fluff. I like that you have experience in this area and have overcome it.

    I’m thinking about purchasing your book.


    • Hi Rayman,

      Thanks for the kind words. If you decide to purchase the book,
      let me know your thoughts when you are done and any questions you have.


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