How I Lost 150 Pounds And Overcame Loose Skin (with pictures)

How I Lost 150 Pounds And Overcame Loose Skin (with pictures)

Every month, thousands of people will search Google looking for information about loose skin after weight loss. Yet despite the high number of web pages giving advice, people seem only to want more.

The reason they want more is because there is so much contradicting advice out there that people don’t know what to believe.

You will find articles from women who have been pregnant, individuals who used to be obese, nutritionists, and even older folks all sharing their experiences and advice on loose skin.

But what is the truth when it comes down to it? Is loose skin just a harsh reality we need to accept? Is there a way to get rid of it without going under the knife? Do certain foods help the problem? Is there a way to make it look better?

I believe there is an answer to all these questions, and in this article today I will share with you everything you need to know about loose skin after weight loss, which I hope will put your mind at ease when your done reading.

My Personal Lose Skin After Weight Loss Story (the quick version)

Firstly, I think it’s important that I explain why my advice will differ from others. Whilst I am sure there are many people who know a lot about loose skin and have made significant changes, your reading my website not theres. So for now, I urge you to forget what other people have told you.

My experience of loose skin has been unique to say the least. I struggled with bad eating habits up until my teenage years and was weighing at 312 pounds(23 stone) by the age of 14.


Me (Nathan Hewitt) at 14, weighing over 300 pounds

By the time I got to the age of 16, I’d lost more than half my body weight, and was down to a healthy weight. However, looking the weight only revealed other issues I had to contend with: Loose skin and Gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia was tough to deal with, but I was lucky to have an operation at my young age of 16. (Lucky for me, my mother was working at a cosmetic clinic at the time, and was able to persuade her boss to do the operation),

After the Gynecomastia procedure, I was left will loose skin around the nipple area. So now I had both loose skin on the nipples and the abdominal.
Despite my weight loss and lucky procedure, I was miserable to say the least. My body didn’t look right, and looked to some extent worse than when I was fat. (At least when your fat, skin is filled and doesn’t have a strange and loose appearance)

I was sticking to the same exercise and diet habits that helped me drop my previous weight, but it was clear nothing was working for me. It seemed by only option was to go under the knife.

In Britain we are very lucky because we have the NHS. Through the NHS I was able to get a tummy tuck, where they would cut away the loose skin, and hopefully improve my lower abdomen appearance.

Loose skin after weight loss and knowing the truth of body fat

However, this operation didn’t come by easy. I still had to wait from the age of 16-18 to have this procedure, with countless visits to the hospitals being examined by Doctors and practice nurses.

Not only that, but I had to be approved by a psychiatrist first, just incase I had a strange exception of what the surgery would bring me.

Finally, I allowed my surgery and it would take place around the summer time of 2008.  The procedure seemed to go well, and I was out of theatre within a few hours.

However, I started to feel a lot of pain. It was then I noticed my abdomen filling up like a balloon, and I fell into a cardiac arrest.

Luckily, nurses and Doctors rushed over and was able to revive me. I had to wheeled back in to theatre a second time, as apparently my artery had be severed during the operation.

So I was saved, and awoke once again. For an operation that should take one day of hospital rest, I was in hospital for an extra 7 days to rest.

When I was allowed home, it would be 3 months before I would be back on my feet again, going back to my normal lifestyle.

After 3 months, I still wasn’t fully healed. My lower stomach had the appearance of what I could only describe as a flying saucer. It looked like a UFO had crash landed on my abdomen.

It took about 6 months before the swelling had fully disappeared,  and another year before I was have any sensation in my stomach. (In fact, today at the age of 24 I still have some numbness around the abdomen).

So, did the surgery work? Was I finally happy with my body and the progress I had made?

No, would be the answer. I was still suffering from the appearance of what would look like loose skin.

after surgery

I still had a muffin top figure. There was some difference to my stomach, but no much. I was still embarrassed with my image.

So what am I dealing with? What is the solution?

Loose Skin Or Loose Fat?

Looking back at my experience of loose skin and having surgery, I realise now that I hadn’t fully achieved my weight loss goals before having the operation.

Being uneducated at the time on fitness, nutrition and health, I can see that during my recovery, I had had actually gained weight.

So of course, I wouldn’t be happy with the results, because I still had fat on my belly.

You see, I was under the impression I had a lot of loose skin prior to surgery, but I was also had around 30% body fat. The question is: what would my stomach look like at 10% body fat? Would it look so bad that it would need surgery?

There’s no doubt I had some loose skin, but there is no way you could identify the amount of loose skin my body had until I was at very low percentages.

So why would doctors approve my surgery even though I was at 30% body fat? Well, perhaps Doctors don’t know what they are looking for either.

The issue most people have when it comes to loose skin is that they have already decided they have it before checking their current body fat percentages.

What does loose skin look like at 8% body fat? Good question. Have you tried?

loose skin after weight loss transformation, six pack abs, burning fat and building muscle

Myself at 10% body fat – aged 21

The truth is: most people could still have a fat problem. If your loose skin has a thickness to it, then it’s fat. If  your skin has a paper think appearance like old people have, then you can be sure it;s genuine loose skin.

What Does Loose Skin Look Like At Low Body Fat Percentages?

For the next 2 years of ages 18- 20, I  began to fully educate myself in the areas of weight loss, nutrition and health.

I started to apply myself and work hard at my physical appearance. I started reading all the body building books I could find, and all the nutritional books I could get my hands on.

To say the least, reading so much fucked by brain up in ways I didn’t expect. Talking about contradicting advice, so much books with so much babble, it’s crazy!

However, I pulled through and worked hard. I got down to around 8% body fat and my results were pretty good.

I truly wonder how people would react to their own body’s if they started applying themselves day-to-day, lifting weight and eating right? Would loose skin look so bad? I don’t think it does.

But You Still Had A Tummy Tuck Operation After Losing Weight, Right?

Okay, so I did have an operation. But the truth is, after one year of recovery my body had very little change.

I sometimes wonder what the hell those doctors did in that theatre room, other than try to kill me.

What I have come to discover about loose skin, is that for most people, it could be excess fat and a little more work needs to be done.

If you were uneducated in weight loss and nutrition like me, I can understand why you would feel down and depressed thinking you have tried everything.

But for me, I hadn’t tried everything. I was quick to jump right into surgery without realising my body’s full potential. When I’d lost over 150 pounds prior to surgery, I hadn’t started a weight’s program, or trained my body hard.

I’d never eaten a diet full of fibrous vegetables, or used supplements. I’d literally lost my weight as a young lad doing other things. (I dropped my calories, started walking, and joined a gym). I was clueless as the beginning, but I had a will to lose weight.

Now in my young adult years, I can see all my mistakes for what they were. Now I’m educated. Now I’m working the job I love, helping people and educating them too.

I would urge most people to think about redefining their weight loss philosophy before going under the knife.

Do Foods, Supplements And Products Help Loose Skin At All?

I used oils during my first initial weight loss, but they had no effect as far as I was aware.

However, I’ve always made the habit of moisturising my skin daily for the past 10 years, so perhaps it may have helped my skin and the appearance of stretch marks.

Nutritionists would like you to believe that certain foods help the skins collagen and elasticity, but the truth is, your loose skin appearance will change when you apply the right strategy. (I detail this strategy in my latest book ‘The Loose Skin Solution’. )

I’ve eaten what some would call the perfect diet, and the only thing that has helped improve my body is exercise and ridding the excess fat.

Supplements? Well, doesn’t that count as a food? Everyone want’s a magic pill, but transforming your body requires work and dedication, that’s the truth of it.

Anyone can research a website and feel good about their loose skin problems by getting advice fed to them on what foods to eat. But, the results lay in the work.

What Is My Body Like Now?

I’m always going to have a loose appearance on parts of my body.  I didn’t emphasise my nipple area mainly because it’s of least concern to me. However, I reveal the full story about my transformation in The Loose Skin Solution Ebook.

My body stays at around 10-12% percent body fat. I exercise regularly with heavy weights, and I eat a diet with the correct macronutrients to serve my goals. (my goals are to stay slim and maintain good strength).


Nathan Hewitt – 2014 – Closer Magazine Shoot

With my t-shirt off, I have an athletic physique that I am content with. I don’t plan to look perfect.

Of course, I could decide to bulk and gain muscle for the next 2 years, but that’s none of my interest for now. But If I do, you’ll know about it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found the information to be what you are looking for.

There is no magic pill answer to loose skin. You either have to train hard and exercise and get results, or ultimately, go under the knife.

But what I am trying to point out is that for most people, their loose skin problem is a fat problem. And loose skin does not look that bad when you’re at those low body fat percentages.

So is loose skin a big problem? It doesn’t have to be.

– Nathan Hewitt

‘The Loose Skin Solution’ is now available for download.

Click Here to find out more on loose skin improvement.

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  1. Hi Belinda, thanks for reading.

    I didn’t realise how many errors this post had. Thank you for letting me know.
    I’m now working through them.


  2. I have about the same amount of weight to lose as you did, so this is inspiring.

    You look great, but even better must be how you feel! It is so much about how we feel … not just the smaller body.


    • Hi Laurie, thanks for your kind words and taking the time to read my story.

      Losing weight has been life changing in so many ways. And although a 150 pounds sounds like a lot to lose, I was able to lose 20 pounds every 8 weeks. Which is not a long time when you break it down.

      I’m glad my story has inspired you, and I hope you’ll continue to stay updated with me at my site.

      Take care,


  3. Good read! Glad I found your thoughts. I’ve been struggling with my body image after losing 60 pounds in 6 months (I’ve been maintaining my current weight for about 3 months now) and having a hard time deciphering loose skin from fat. I assumed I would look better after dropping some more weight in fat but I’ve been told by many that I shouldn’t try to lose anymore otherwise I’ll look sick. Lol. I’m 5’6″, 170 lbs, female. I’m getting married this upcoming Spring and I’ve been under a ton of pressure with finances for it as well as wanting to improve my appearance and there’s no way I would ever be able to afford surgery. I’m considering purchasing your book and I hope your plan is something I can stick to! Gives me hope that I can achieve the body I’ve been working so hard for! Thank you!

    • Hi Keli, thanks for sharing your story with me. And congratulations on your weight loss success.

      Trying to decipher loose skin from fat troubled me for many years.
      My upper body looked slim, but I couldn’t figure out why my lower body maintained a loose and fatty appearance.

      After a lot of research, I finally embarked upon a new fitness and nutritional journey. With my new approach and fresh understanding about weight loss and exercise, I was able to produce results I never thought I could.

      The Loose Skin Solution will provide you my personal experience and plan of action. But most importantly, it’ll put your mind at ease knowing what is possible for you.

      I hope you have a fantastic wedding. And good luck in the future.

      Take care.


  4. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I have been scheduled for the tummy tuck surgery by next week in Dr. Hugh McLean cosmetic surgery clinic in Mississauga. Your experience has made me pretty much confident for the decision I’ve taken. You really proved that tummy tuck surgeries are not only for ladies but for the guys too. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Milover, thank you for reading.

      I’m glad my experience has helped you in your decisions to have surgery.
      My body has made an incredible transformation and I hope you will experience the same results.

      Take care,


  5. Excellent Article! I currently way 270 lbs and I am a 17 year old female. I have been heavy since 11. I am motivated to change my ways, I just wanted to do research so that while I lose weight, I can also do things to combat loose skn. Thank you!

    • Hi Lauren,

      I’m glad you stumbled upon my article and it was helpful.

      Thanks for reading, and best of luck with your progress.


  6. Thanks i need to loose about 150 pounds i just started zumba class Saturday. I just needed some encouragement and i found it thru your story. Thanks

  7. Nathan,
    Thank you so much for your story! I’m mud age woman with a 12 year old girl. Born c-section. Gave birth weighing 200 and I’m 5foot two. Thats big! I’m having a hard time with the love handle “extra fat” and the apron is not helping. I’m in pain with my back and feet a lot. Surgery after surgery. Its hard to get my daily work out. My hour walk. I’m scared I’m going to get to old for any help. What kind of diet should I be using?

    Thanks 39yr old mom.

  8. Hi Nathan I just wanted to congratulate you on your success and say how amazing you now look.
    Thanks for this inspiring post.


  9. Hey Nathan we share the exact same experience with the exception that my body isn’t tighten yet and I feel hopeless

    • Hey Tyral,

      Is there anything I can help you with? If you’d like to share your story here or private message me, I’d like to to know more.


  10. Hi Nathan I love how you learned all along your journey and then how you have shared with us all, I’v surfed through lots of articles on this subject but yours makes the most sense , and feels the most imformative plus inspiring, you certainly have achieved such a lot, I feel very proud of you, all our dreams are in reach we just need too work at understanding the science , which you did , then dedicate ourselfs too reach our goals, a lot is mind over matter , some is learning , persistance and determination are key.Im halfway on my journey and now feel equiped with your info! too make the last leg of my journey too the finish line.Im very gratefull too you that you shared your knowledge I now feel I have the correct information too succeed! THANK YOU

  11. I have a lot of lose skin on my bottom half, had lippo for my saddlebags but left me looking worse, i have started a gym program & hopefull i can be happy with my shape

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