Supplement Trial: Using Gotu Kola To Improve Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Supplement Trial: Using Gotu Kola To Improve Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Is it possible to avoid loose skin surgery after weight loss and opt for a supplement instead? Sounds to good to be true, right? That’s what I thought back in August 2015.

After hearing Charles Poliquin on the Tim Ferris show talking about a medical herb called Gotu Kola, (Centella Asiatica) and how it poses loose skin tightening properties , I thought to myself. ‘’who the f*** is this guy, and what does he know about having a loose skin problem?’’.

Poliquin described how Gotu kola can help mitigate the effects of loose skin for people who have lost a lot of weight. He shared the experience of one of his clients and explained how they were able to tighten the appearance of loose skin in just six months of supplementation.

Approaching Gotu Kola With Skepticism

At first, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’ve battled my loose skin conditions for ten years, and never had I heard about a supplement being able to produce, what sounded like miracles.

The supplement industry is worth over $37 billion, and I wondered if this was just another attempt to capitalise on people in desperate need. Most health and fitness gurus are pros at selling supplements. We tend to trust what they have to say without question of their underlying motives.

So, I’ll be honest. I didn’t have a clue who Poliquin was when I heard him on the Tim Ferris show; I had no reason to trust to him. As far as I was concerned, he was just some middle age fitness guru talking a bunch of crap to my ears (Gotu Kola? Loose skin tightening? What a joke).

In the end, I got my head on the idea of using Gotu Kola and gave the Canadian coach the benefit of the doubt. I began a trial with Gotu Kola that lasted five months, and my experiences are described out in this article.

Putting My Biases Aside And Following Poliquin’s Method

Before I made any decisions, I got myself up to speed on Poliquin’s work and the latest research on Gotu Kola.

A dozen articles and youtube videos later, I was surprised that Poliquin didn’t come off as a bullshitter (I’ve got the knack for smelling bullshit on self-proclaimed experts. No bad smells as of yet). With Poliquin in the clear, I was confident(ish) in following what he had to say.

Regarding research on GK (Gotu Kola), there wasn’t a lot. offered some interesting facts to support the cognitive, anti-inflammatory and healing effects of using GK. Besides that, the online world was pretty scarce of testimonials related to the loose skin tightening effects.

Despite the lack of evidence, it didn’t hold me back from going out to test it. The only issue I had was whether I was the ideal candidate.

Important Things To Consider Before Trialing Gotu Kola

Over the past ten years, I have reached satisfactory results with my body from being a nathanhewitt-weightloss-transformation wrecking ball. Through discipline and hard work, along with the correct training and nutrition, I’ve been able to produce results that my doctors said was impossible.

I owe my results to the natural effects of hitting a lower fat percentage and building lean mass.

In my previous articles, I issued the following protocol to help improve loose skin conditions:

  1. Build lean body mass
  2. Hit lower fat percentages
  3. Incorporate intermittent fasting
  4. Adopt a diet that is calorie and macronutrient defined
  5. Use a variety of natural supplements
  6. Patience and a rational attitude towards the process

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The fact is anyone who is training correctly, eating properly, and working towards lower body fat goals; they are going to look pretty damn good despite the past.

Rarely do I meet people with a history of severe weight problems, putting massive amounts of work into their physical goals.

So before anyone gets the idea that Gotu Kola is going to rid you of excess skin without a little extra work on your part, I recommend you read one of my previous articles: Loose Skin: How To Find Out If You Have Excess Skin Or Fat

For most people, they are still dealing with a fat problem, not a loose skin problem. Unless you have built the good habits of exercising and eating correctly, GK isn’t going to work.

It’s important that you have at least attempted to hit lower body fat percentages first before ingesting a bunch of pills daily.

Trialing Gotu Kola For The First Time

To trial Gotu Kola, I had to get my hands on the stuff first. So I started with a typical search on Amazon for a decent brand.

I decided to go with a company called, Natures Way. Typically, I would be pulled towards purchasing a cheaper product – you get the quality you pay for.

See: Gotu Kola By Natures Way

To take the process seriously, I opted for the middle price range; neither cheap or expensive, but affordable.

I began the trial on Monday, September 5th, ingesting six capsules spread throughout the day (250mg per capsule). Here’s a picture of myself at the beginning of September 2015:


In the picture above, you’ll notice I don’t have a lot of loose skin to deal with. Most people may not see any, but I know it’s there. If you look at my lower right, you can just about make it out.

During my test, I didn’t feel any cognitive effects of improved focus, nor more energy; probably because I’ve been drinking half a dozen espressos daily for the past two years; my adrenaline glands are beyond exhausted.

So, for the real question: Has Gotu Kola made a difference to my appearance?

The answer: Not as far as I can tell.

Me, February 2016:


Now, that might sound like bad news, but it’s not. I have a history of using many methods of approach to combat issues with loose skin. I’ve put in a lot of work, and I repeat: I’ve gained satisfactory results.

I knew from the get-go I wasn’t the ideal candidate, which is why I got some of my readers on board to further my research.

What Others Are Saying About Gotu Kola

I started a trial a month ago and used the same formula as you – taking two pills three times a day.
I have already seen the difference and am pretty excited. I will keep you posted – From L (Comment)

I have been using Gotu kola throughout my weight loss. I can attest that there is a difference. The skin is not as hanging. I may still end up with a body lift, but the difference is shy of dramatic and there. – Lynne

I’m on week 7 of using Gotu Kola. There is some difference, but not a heck of a lot as of yet. I’ve also been feeling better in my energy levels, which I read that I can expect that. – Mark

I have been using Gotu Kola since I read your blog post. It’s now December, and I’ve seen a big difference. Thanks for recommending. I look forward to reading your experience. – Michelle

Is Gotu Kola Worth Using?

Is Gotu Kola worth using to help mitigate the effects of loose skin after weight loss? I would say yes and no, depending on the circumstances.

As I mentioned previously and many times in recent articles: loose skin is often mistaken for stubborn body fat. If you have put minimum effort into your weight loss goals, then Gotu Kola isn’t going to do anything.

There are at least three reasons I would recommend using GK:

  1. You’ve put in the work and have reached a healthy/ideal body fat percentage, but you still have visible signs of loose skin.
  2. You want to lose weight and you’re afraid of getting loose skin after meeting your goals.
  3. You have loose skin due to other reasons such as age or pregnancy.

In these three cases, I would recomend trying out GK. Overall, my experience with Gotu Kola hasn’t been remarkable; there hasn’t been any notable changes in my appearance.

However, this could be simply down to the fact I have been working on my body for ten years and have achieved results through a variety of other approaches.

I would recommend people try Gotu Kola for the reasons I mentioned above. After all, some of my readers have expressed positive results through the use of Gotu Kola.

By all means, give GK a trial for yourself. You may see a difference in your appearance within 16-24 weeks.
I appreciate those who have waited a long time for this article. Thank you all for reading.
I’ve provided you with a list of resources below related to loose skin.

Nathan Hewitt

P.S Continue to send me your feedback and experiences with GK. Also, if you think I have missed something and you would like to know more, please leave a comment. I’ll get back to you soon as I can.

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  1. Hi nathan!, you will keep trying until the six months mentioned Poliquin?

    • Hey there,

      I am no longer supplementing with Gotu Kola.

      In the article, I mentioned that I hadn’t experienced remarkable results.
      Because my current situation with loose skin isn’t severe, I am not likely to see any changes with an ongoing trial.

      However, this should not stop others/you from trying. I’ve had ten years of experience working on my body using a variety of measures.

      I gave three circumstances when Gotu Kola might/should be supplemented. Based on that, I believe anyone has a good chance of seeing progress.

      Thanks for reading,


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