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About Nathan Hewitt 

Weight Loss Coach, Author & Motivational Strategist
Authority On Weight Loss

For over a decade, Nathan Hewitt has committed himself to the studies of weight loss, nutrition and human motivation. After suffering with obesity, and losing over 150 pounds, he has been honoured consistently for his physical transformation and unique teachings.

His website Try This For Size provides help and support for individuals across the world. With an audience of over 10,000 weekly readers, he helps them to lose weight from home in a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable way. 


Nathan has directly impacted lives in the United Kingdom with his inspirational e-books, multimedia, and public speaking engagements, and private coaching.

 His work has been featured in major media including, ITV News, BBC Wales, Australia’s Sunrise, The Daily Mail, Closer Magazine as well as radio and internet media worldwide.

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”My weight loss journey taught me how to be be goal orientated, resourceful and self-motivated. It had one of the most incredible knock-on effects that changed every aspect of my life. I’m not gifted by any means. What I have been able to achieve can be done by others. And with my coaching, people are now realising that.” – Nathan Hewitt 

Nathan has produced what is to be the  #1- Weight Loss System Of All Time,   and will  feature in his latest coaching program that promises to change lives immeasurably. – Available January 2015

expert-coach-nathan-hewitt-newsweek-wales-itvAs a recognised figure for weight loss and developing systems for long term change, Nathan has been a sought after weight loss coach by the health community.

He has written his most inspirational book yet, and will be published on Amazon in the year of 2015. (name to be announced)

Nathan is currently working with various TV Productions in the UK to educate and inspire the nation to get healthy.

His life mission is to ultimately inspire millions of people worldwide with the use of his coaching, live workshops and educational books.

About Try This For Size

Try This For Size will inspire and motivate you to lose weight, and get the best results possible using the same methods of popular weight loss coach, Nathan Hewitt. 

You can start your journey at home, at either no cost at all, or very little cost, depending on your goals.

Here’s how to make the most of Try This For Size:

The Blog - You can explore articles throughout Try This For Size that will simplify ways on how to lose weight, improve your health and feel motivated to get results –  Learn more here 

Coaching - Online coaching gives you an opportunity to experience results on a level most people never get the opportunity to. You can lose weight from home, whilst being coached once a week personally by Nathan Hewitt at an affordable price – Learn more about coaching here *Online Coaching is limited, and you will need to enquire*) 

Ebooks - If you ever wanted to get inside the mind of an experienced weight loss coach, and get full access to ideas that will transform your body, health and happiness for good; ebooks are the way to do it! For a small cost, you can get instant access to a series of Try This For Size ebooks all written by our coach, Nathan Hewitt. Learn more about ebooks here

Diet Plans - If you want to get the best result possible, whilst skipping all the confusion about what to eat. Diet plans can be  personally made for you at an affordable cost. Simply enquire today. Learn more here 

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