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About Nathan Hewitt

About Nathan Lloyd Hewitt

Weight Loss Coach, Author & Motivational Strategist expert-coach-nathan-hewitt-newsweek-wales-itv

For the past decade, Nathan Hewitt has served the community as a weight loss and health inspiration. As a recognised figure of personal transformation, health and wellbeing, he created Try This For Size to help people achieve their weight loss and health dreams. Nathan has directly impacted lives in over 15 countries with his inspirational books, videos, coaching programs and website. His work has featured in major media, including The Daily Mail, ITV, BBC, Australia Sunrise, Closer Magazine, as well as internet and radio worldwide.

Inspiring And Teaching

Nathan-Hewitt-Weight-Loss-ITV-01Nathan has been a dedicated student of health, nutrition, phycology, and science for more than 8 years. His teachings have developed through his unique experiences and practical study, which allows him to relate to people on a personal level.

His mission is to inspire and educate as many people he can, so that wight loss becomes an easier process. Nathan believes that losing weight is 80% 20% diet. His work is mostly based on getting people in right frame of mind to achieve life-long success.

300 Pounds Overweight And Obese

Before Nathan achieved his weight loss goals, he was suffering with depression, verbal abuse, nathan-hewitt-300-poundsbullying, and eating addictions. Weighing over 300 pounds at the age of 15, he believed that he would never amount to much in life, and would die young. Using food, video games, music, and movies to distract his pain, Nathan’s weight would continue to increase. Although he was lucky to have a supportive family who care about his weight, not even they could get through to him at the time.

Losing over 150 Pounds

Despite the challenges and difficulties, Nathan was able to turn his life around. It didn’t happen overnight. There was no special diet, intense fitness regime, nor surgery. Nathan began by firstly going to work on his mind. He needed to have the believe that losing weight was possible. He did this by researching as many articles in the areas of weight loss he could find. After seeing that others his age could do it, he decided to find out for himself. When results began to show, this inspired him to carry on. Since then, Nathan has never looked Nathan-Hewitt-Live-Coaching-Event-2014back, and has continued to work on both his mind and personal growth.

Becoming A Weight Loss And Health Coach

Nathan Hewitt has always been inspired to help other since his transformation. Knowing that he could lose weight under difficult circumstances, he believed that others could do the same. Nathan knew that helping others would be a challenge due to the mass media and weight loss brands that exist. He knew that despite the huge industry, people were still unhappy. In order to make long-lasting change happen, he would need to get close and personal with others. Becoming a weight loss coach was the start of this. A start to helping people succeed on the level they deserve, without diet fads and unpractical advice.

Creating Try This For Size

Nathan-Hewitt-studying-Nathan created Try This For Size to expand his work. Being online has helped Nathan attract thousands of readers across the world to learn and share his work. With access to online, Nathan is able to coach individuals from the comfort of their home through video chat and email. Nathan send out hundreds of meal plans each month, designed in a way that allows people to lose weight inspired by their own tastes and lifestyle. Today, Try This For Size continues to grow, and is an important part of Nathan’s work life.

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