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Weight Watchers And Slimming World Classes: Why You Need To Leave The Old System

Weight Watchers Meetings, And Slimming World Classes: Why It’s NOT Working.

Throughout the pursuit of my physical goals, and losing over 140-pounds (10-Stone). I’ve witnessed the large increase of Slimming World and Weight Watcher’s classes rise – these days churches are mostly filled with overweight individuals going to classes than the religious crowd. And I’ve always known friends, and relatives for the continuous use of the brands. 

Not so long ago, I took the liberty of attending a class, just to see Read more

The Happiness Formula: Lose weight, be more happy, restore emotional confidence

”Nathan. Anybody can write a book. Anyone can lose weight”

I had to agree. Anyone can lose weight. Anyone can write a book. Just like all things in life. When you know how to do something, and you have absolute faith in yourself, sure you can do anything. With passion, comes great persistence. When you find out your ‘true calling’, it’s hard not to flourish and become the person you want to be. When you know what you ultimately love, I guess it becomes no chore to do what’s necessary, because you know every step is leading you towards your inspired dream.

Self Belief, making things happening and becoming successful. 

How many people can channel their emotions positively towards a dream they are inspired by?  How many of us actually have the mental strength to go out and do what is necessary, no matter what? Sure, many people have overcome great difficulty. There are many stories of great people who have battled the pains of life and gotten great success. But compare those people to the rest of the world’s population, and you find they are only a minority. The rest of us however, have not ‘yet’ been able to break free of the chain than holds us down.

We are emotionally hurt. We are mentally lost. We don’t see a way out of the circumstances. We are  pained by the life we cease to exist in. We chase pleasures to conceal the hurt. We long for relationships because we are empty inside. We are afraid to be alone in a world that demands our time and money for the sake of survival. We hate our jobs. We hate having our lives dictated by others. We don’t like being told what to do. We hate being governed by laws that we had no choice but to adapt. We are all animals breathing the same air, conditioned to a life we had no say in. All we want is to feel happiness, but we don’t even feel in control of our lives, let alone our own minds. Before we know it the world is profiting off our depression, as we swallow the bitter pill that grants us some form of escape. But as always, and will forever be, we are our own worst enemies.

”Everyone has a way to manage their own emotions. Some of us self sabotage our bodies in negative habits, some of us find positive habits to deride the emotion. But still, it’s the same emotions, and it’s down to us to choose an action that will empower us.” – Nathan Hewitt

We all involve ourselves in temporary antidotes to fake the fact that WE ARE NOT HAPPY with our lives. Miserable about  life? You can eat food or lift weights. Both will make you feel good for some time. But the emotional hole is still yet to be filled. And it doesn’t take long before we begin to dwell negatively upon our lives, no matter how positive/negative the activity we had just been involved in.

Have we not all experienced this? Aren’t we all just trying to find ways to escape the pains of life in some way? Either using negative pleasures or positives ones? Whether you choose alcohol to make you feel better or exercise. They are just ways of escaping.

So the big question is ‘What does it mean to be truly happy?’ and ‘is there such a thing?’. Is life about trying to find a new habit or behavior to be involved with long enough, to distract the pain that eats us away inside?

We can look at information and religious antidotes explaining that our happiness is related to us not being spiritually connected. A Buddhist would tell us our longing for happiness is based on the fact we ‘desire’ so much, and that because our ego’s are always in a state of ‘want’, we can never be satisfied with anything. So they teach us to cut ourselves from our ego’s to find happiness in the so called now.

I understand this very well. But unfortunately, myself along with others. Who  is willing to give up the good materials of life? A minority will, but not the majority. Just like the majority of us are overweight. We all long for a happiness, and we yet to feel satisfied with ourselves. We keep eating to fill the emotional gap. There is something missing inside of us. Yes. Anyone can lose weight. Anyone can write a book. But how many will? How many will keep themselves strong emotionally, to overcome the adversities of life?

What is the ultimate link between sadness and real happiness?

I believe it’s a myriad of things. I do not believe for one second that any wealth, any person, or anything can make us happy long enough. Some how, some way, we all do a big fat full circle and dip into the emotional pains of life. Because there is no escape. We aren’t happy. We are never satisfied. This ego ‘stuff’ makes a lot of sense in this respect, as to why we continue to long for things. But like I said. Who is willing to give it all up to be at peace? Are you going stop wanting for the nice things in life? Probably not.


A lack of happiness stems from being focused only ourselves, and only thinking about what we want. Many of us lack the ability to grow beyond ourselves. If we actually decided to focus our minds on helping others, then we can never be in a state of ‘selfishness’. You cant be down and depressed when you are thinking of others. A formula for happiness: selfless contribution and compassion. Mix a little faith with this idea and you might be on your way to something great.

”Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours”
- Dale Carnegie 

 My message stems from what someone once said to me, that ‘anyone can lose weight and write a book’.
And how less happy would I be today, If I wasn’t contributing to the 1.5 Billion people on earth currently suffering with obesity? How unhappy would I be, to had let those words ruin my confidence, to question my beliefs about myself? Yes anyone can lose weight. Anyone can write a book. But they need to know ‘how’ and ‘why’. Without passion and self-less contribution, how would they get the message?

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By the year 2030 they estimate 70% of the world will be obese. Thin people will be in a minority. Who is going to step up and do something beyond themselves? A selfless and inspiring act to help prevent this? Who is going to put themselves out there? Who is going to battle the life pain so that they can serve others? I know I want to be one of them. I hope you will join me in a minority of people who ‘walk their talk’. And I hope to see you as the slim individual you aspire to be. And that you’ll inspire others to do the same.

Give the gift of your experiences to help others. Set an example. Share your message. Think of others and dedicate your time to help others. You won’t be unhappy. And just like Ghandi said ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’.

– Nathan Hewitt 2013