5 Weight Loss Habits That Helped Me Lose 150-Pounds

5 Weight Loss Habits That Helped Me Lose 150-Pounds

When I was trying to lose weight back in 2005, I was young and didn’t know what I was doing. I was 300 pounds overweight and a little lost in the world. But eventually, I built up the desire to improve my lifestyle. Using common sense, I went on a mission to improve my health for the sake of a better future.

I knew what I wanted for my body and lifestyle, and  I was committed to doing whatever it took to lose the weight. So I began searching for inspiration and later I put together a bunch of weight loss tips that would help me achieve my goals.

300-140 pounds. Burning fat, building muscle - Nathan Hewitt

Nathan Hewitt 2005-2011

Today, these tips still act as a catalyst for my weight loss success. And I want my readers to benefit from them the same way I did.

So here they are, the 5 weight loss tips that helped me lose 150 pounds 

1. I Read At Least 1 Book Every Week

During my journey, I was introduced to a man who shared with me the importance of reading (I won’t mention names just for the sake of privacy on his behalf). At the time, I was young and naive and didn’t understand the beauty of reading books. I’d never picked up a book in my life, but this man nailed the idea of reading into me hard.

One day, sitting together, he said to men, ‘’men and women spend years of their life gathering information. You get access to that information in a couple of hours’’. I thought to myself ‘’wow’’. I’d never thought about books that before. So from that day I was hooked on the idea of reading as much as I could to get close to my goals. And so I did.

Today I have a personal library of over 300 books, and that’s not including the hundreds I own on my Kindle device. I commit myself to reading 20 pages every morning before breakfast, which averages at around 30 books per year.

At the time of losing weight, reading gave me confidence. Confidence in my abilities to achieve. Nothing made me feel more alive and inspired than books. What a pleasure it is to read the books of great minds who have gathered years of research for us to use and apply.

2. I Made Healthier Versions Of My Favourite Foods

At the time of losing weight, I wasn’t a big fan of vegetables. I was young and didn’t have the experience with the foods I now enjoy today. However, I did have imagination and was able to keep my diet exciting by creating a healthier version of the foods I loved.Untitled

For example, burgers and fries became turkey burgers and potato wedges. High sugar cereal became porridge oats with honey. Pizzas became tortilla flatbread topped with low-fat cheese and tomato sauce.

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Even though it’s not the original thing, it was still tasty, and I shed hundreds of pounds doing this. If a 15-year-old kid could do it, I’m sure the adults of the world can come up with some amazing ideas. So have a think about it. What foods do you enjoy and how can you make a healthier version?

3. I Started Journaling Daily

imageJournaling helped the weight loss process because it gave me the chance to express my inner thoughts and feelings, and get a handle on the rough times. Self-reflection kept my mind in alignment with my weight loss goals. But not only that, I used the journal to write down important information that I gathered in the books I was reading. I jotted down my favorite quotes and read them daily. Not to mention, I had a shopping list that I followed every week, so I never forgot what I was buying at the supermarkets.

I use a particular brand of journals which you might be familiar with called ‘Moleskin.’ I recommend purchasing a quality journal as you will be using it daily.

4. I Began Exercising At Home Before I Joined A Gym

At the beginning of losing weight, I didn’t have the confidence to put myself in a gym environment. But I still wanted to get active. So I did something simple: for 30 minutes every day, I picked up a light pair of dumbbells and did punching movements. This simple action got me sweating and increased by heart rate. It worked wonders during the first few months of losing weight. And once I dropped my first 30 pounds, I decided to join a gym and take things up a notch.

Eventually, I fell in love with lifting heavy weights on a regular basis. Today, my love for fitness continues and it all started in my bedroom during a time when I knew nothing.

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5. I Learned To Be Patient And Trust The Process

Patience was an important emotional skill I had to develop. I won’t lie, in the beginning, I wanted results fast. But of course, I had a lot of weight to lose, and it wouldn’t disappear overnight. However, I made an interesting distinction along the way. I realized that in less than year, I would reach my ideal weight. So I could either spend the time focusing on my goals and doing the right thing or continue complaining about not having the results and eventually give up.

I stuck with the process, and the year passed soon enough with me being a happier and healthier version of myself. Sooner or later we will meet the future (well, we expect to at least) and it comes around quick. Many of us can trace back the last five years quite easy. And what have we achieved since then? Life is fast, so we may as well use whatever time we have to reach our weight loss and health goals. Before you know it, you’ll be living what was once a dream for your body and health.

Final Note

I hope my readers enjoyed this short blog post and will benefit from these weight loss tips during their journey. As you can see, my focus has been on the personal development side of things, focusing on my inner self first. The diets and exercise are all secondary. Once you focus on improving your inner world, everything else will follow.

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Thanks for reading.


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