Weight Loss Resources


I thought it would be helpful to provide you with a list of resources that have supported me over the course of my weight loss journey. I’ll add more resources when I find something that works. But for now, enjoy.

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  Please understand that I have experience with all of these products and services, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.  Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

My Most Recommended

If you look at nothing else on this page, I suggest you take a look at my personal collection of books. Throughout the course of my weight loss journey, books have been the stepping stone towards my success. The following books can help you like they did for me, but only when you decide to read them.

Best Fat-Loss Related Books


eat-stop-eat-by-brad-pilonEat Stop Eat ‘By Brad Pilon’: This book was my first introduction to the benefits of fasting for weight loss and health. I’ve been fasting for over 2-years, and as a result, my life has changed: from getting rid of excess body fat, and making time for better habits. Eat Stop Eat will change the way you use food, and allow you to lose weight without having to think much about it. Click here to download your copy of Eat Stop Eat. 


mindless-eating-bookMindless Eating ‘By Brian Wansink’:  I wish this book had been written when I was losing weight. Luckily it’s available to you now. Mindless Eating will change the way you think about food. And for the most part, help you lose weight without having to think about it. It’s filled with interesting studies on food intake, and provides you with useful tips to control eating habits. Click here to grab your copy at the Amazon store. 


then-end-of-overeating-bookThe End Of Overeating ‘By David A. Kessler’: This book is a must read for anyone who is prone to overeating on high sugar and fatty foods. The End Of Overeating will explain the way manufactures create certain foods to make you want it more (keeping you addicted). It also explains how your mind operates in the presence of these foods and how you can learn self-control. Click here to grab your copy at the Amazon store. 


burn-the-fat-feed-the-muslce-bookBurn The Fat Feed The Muscle ‘By Tom Venuto’: Burn The Fat is a classic book that explains the actions you need to take to lose weight and build muscle. Tom Venuto will educate you on how your body works when it comes to fat loss and achieving your goals. I loved this book back when I was losing weight, and I think you will love it too. Click here to grab your Copy at the Amazon store. 


Best Muscle And Fitness Related Books

Beyond Brawn ‘ By Stuart McRobert’:Unknown Beyond Brawn is a trusted book that explains how to build muscle and strength naturally. McRobert is a natural bodybuilder with decades of life experience in the field. I finished this book with a lot of enthusiasm to lift weights and condition my body. Those feelings have stuck by me to this day. Click here to grab your copy at the Amazon store.


The Best Supplements For Fat Loss And Health

I don’t believe in diet pills, shakes, and quick-fix products – they don’t work. However, there are a variety of natural supplements I use to maintain my health and control a lower body fat percentage. If you are serious about losing weight and improving your health, look no further than these supplements:

my=protein-supplements-nathan-hewitt-recomendsWhey Protein ‘From Myprotein.com’: Whey protein is a staple in my diet. I use it every day to hit my daily protein intake, which contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass, thus promoting a healthy metabolism and body fat levels. Every successful diet demands a high protein intake. Myprotein.com provide delicious tasting whey that you can rely on. Click here to select your whey protein using Amazon. 

Udos-choice-logoEssential Oils ‘From Udo’s Choice’: Essential fatty acids (EFA) are necessary for many functions in your body. They help improve your metabolism, elevate mood and lift depression. I use Udo’s Choice Ultimate Blend because it contains the ideal balance of EFA for overall health. Your body needs essential fats, and I’ve discovered Udo’s to be the best way to get them. Click here to purchase Udo’s Choice oil with Amazon. 

Loose Skin Supplement: Gotu Kola ‘From Nature’s Way’ images: I wrote an article on the loose skin tightening effects of Gotu Kola. During my 6-month trial, I detailed how Gotu Kola could help mitigate the appearance of loose skin after losing a lot of weight. Check out the post here to get more information. I used the ‘Nature’s Way’ during my trial as they offered a high-quality product. Click here to purchase Gotu Kola on Amazon.  

Best Resources To Help You Manage Your Health Goals

moleskine_monogram_00Classic Notebook ‘From Moleskin’: One of the most important keys to losing weight is keeping a notebook and tracking your progress. I’ve used Moleskin journals for the past 8-years to note of my food intake, fitness progress, and goals – it’s a pleasurable pastime. So if you’re serious about losing weight, then it’s worth investing in quality journal for the journey. See Moleskin notebooks here at Amazon. 

U7MaW--M_400x400Calorie/Macro Counter ‘MyFitnessPal’: Fat loss is all about calorie intake. If you don’t know how many calories you need or costume in a day, how will you be successful? Myfitnesspal offer an amazing app (it’s free to download) that has just about every food on the planet for you to track. I use it every day and enjoy it. Visit the Myfitnesspal website for more information.