Maximising Your Weight Loss Potential

Gotu Kola: Is This Natures Loose Skin After Weight Loss Remedy?


This week I caught up on Tim Ferriss’s podcast show and listened to his interview with Charles Poliquin. During this episode, Poliquin mentioned a supplement called Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) and how it can restore the appearance of loose skin. Poliquin says that ingesting this plant in the form of a capsule three times daily (at two tablets a time) should give you visible results within 6-months. Now, I’m a bit skeptical about this and keen to know more about Gotu Kola and how it may benefit loose skin conditions. In previous articles, I’ve written about my weight loss experiences […]

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Quick Guide: How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Body Fat When Dieting Fails


Stubborn body fat is a common issue for people who have lost lots of weight but struggle to shift those last few excess pounds. Even body-obsessed individuals who exercise daily can hit a weight loss wall as they near their ideal body fat percentage Stubborn body fat can also be caused by loose skin, so if you have loose skin or stubborn body fat this article will also help. There are many approaches floating the internet for getting rid of stubborn fat. Most of it is either ineffective or far too extreme. For example, massaging your belly and exercising certain muscle […]

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Obesity: 10 Facts That Will Make Haters Shut The F*** Up!

How I Overcame Poor Self-Image And Grew-2

Recently I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and exposing myself to the brainless shit-stream of media. Eventually, I came across a video that was both amusing and infuriating to me. This video featured a fugly (fucking ugly) tanned, mid-twenties male, preaching about why obesity is both repulsive and disgusting. Along with his dumb ideas and lack of compassion for the obese community, he also felt the need to record his act shirtless. I mean, had there not been signs of poor self-esteem seeping through his body language, I might have taken the guy a little more seriously. The arrogant character I […]

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How I Overcame Poor Self-Image And Grew In Confidence


How would you describe yourself? What is your attitude towards life and others? What is your life mission or purpose? What separates you from the majority? How would others describe you? Self-image is the way we perceive ourselves, and our appearance, personality, abilities, skills and communication largely reflects the degrees to which our self-image evolves: Appearance: How we dress ourselves Personality: The combination of characteristics or qualities that form our distinctive character. Skills: Our ability to do something well in a chosen field Communication: The way we exchange information in the form of speaking, writing or other activity. Having poor self-image can prevent us from expressing our […]

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How To Get Rid Of Loose Skin After Losing Weight: Ebook Guide

The Loose Skin Solution

”I’m afraid you have loose skin after losing so much weight” said the Doctor. ”Is there a way to get rid of it?” I asked, holding back my tears. ”Yes, but it will take an operation with a waiting list of up to 2 years”. I remember having that brief conversation eight years ago. I was 19 years old and had lost 150 pounds of weight. Despite my best efforts, I was left with the appearance of loose skin. For months, I felt frustrated and concerned about my abnormal appearance. One day, I finally built up the courage to get […]

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