Maximising Your Health And Weight Loss Potential

How I Lost 150 Pounds, Overcame Loose Skin And Got Ripped (photos included)


Millions of people across the world have serious weight problems. 60% of them will continue the struggle of trying to rid the excess weight, whilst the remaining 40% will either give up or turn to surgery.

Despite the growth of the diet industry, obesity rates continue to rise. With so much help available today, why do so many of us fail?

Why do so many of us continue to live our lives controlled by the bad habits and addictions that we impose on ourselves?

Why can’t we take control of our weight and lead the quality of life we deserve?

So many questions, too many answers, but not enough certainty.

We only continue to make mistakes.

Losing weight shouldn’t be complicated, but unfortunately, complication carries value in the market place.

The less you know about your own mind, your own behaviours, and your own personal power, the more companies will continue to thrive.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

You can take charge. You can produce results. You can lose weight and lead the life you deserve.

But it’s not a question of HOW, it’s a question of WHEN.

When are you going to start taking action?

When are you going to place the same value on your own health as you do on your junk food and nice clothes?

When are you going start living your life the same way you would want for a loved one?

I’ve asked myself these questions hundreds of times. I was 300 pounds overweight and miserable. I thought I would never amount to anything.

But through my own dogged will and personal power, I found a way to change my life. I overcame adversity and complications along the way. I learnt what I had to learn (from both books and mistakes).

I dropped more than 150 pounds and became a professional weight loss coach to teach others how to do the same.

It’s my before and after weight loss story that I want to share with you today. I want to inspire you so that you will lose weight, get results and take your life to the next level.

Let’s begin…

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5 Delicious Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss And Health

Smoothies are great at breakfast, as a mid-morning snack, and for a post-workout out drink.vegetable-and-fruit-smoothies

In fact,  smoothies are nice to drink at anytime of the day, and have become a staple in my diet over the years.

Smoothies are a brilliant fit for anyone who is serious about losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Apart from convenience, they are a great sweet substitute that can help with cravings.

In todays article I want to share with you 5 delicious smoothie recipes for weight loss and health, that are not only easy to prepare, but will take you less than a few minutes to make.

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The Loose Skin Or Fat Test: Find Out For Yourself

The embarrassing appearance of loose skin after losing weight is an emotionally draining subject.Nathan Hewitt's, loose skin after weight loss transformation

The hanging effect tends to surface primarily around the mid-section and makes us wonder whether it’s genuine loose skin… or fat.

I write from experience on this matter. I too, have had to deal with my fair share of loose skin problems.
What I originally thought was loose skin on my body turned out to be mainly fat. It’s very important to know what is your looking for in these situations.

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Weight Loss Advice From Coach Nathan Hewitt On ITV Newsweek Wales

Hello guys,nathan-hewitt-newsweek-wales

Last weekend I was invited to the ITV Studios in Cardiff,  where I joined Carl Edwards on Newsweek Wales to discuss the state of the nations health. – you can watch it here 

I mentioned my background and some of the things I needed to address in my life to lose weight. Something I mentioned was having the correct attitude.

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How I Lost 150 Pounds And Overcame Loose Skin (with pictures)

Nathan Hewitt at 300 pounds, to weighing 150 pounds. Using heavy weights as a way of the getting best fat loss results possible.

My 150 pound weight loss – Nathan Hewitt

Every month, thousands of people will search Google looking for information about loose skin after weight loss. Yet despite the high number of webpages giving advice, people seem only to want more.

The reason they want more is because there is so much contradicting advice out there that people don’t know what to believe.

You will find articles from women who have been pregnant, individuals who used to be obese, nutritionists, and even older folks all  sharing their experiences and advice on loose skin.

But what is the truth when it comes down to it? Is loose skin just a harsh reality we need to accept? Is there a way to get rid of it without going under the knife? Do certain foods help the problem? Is there a way to make it look better?

I believe there is answer for all these questions, and this article today I will share with you everything you need to know about loose skin after weight loss, which I hope will put your mind at ease when your done reading.

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